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RE: [24_Over_30] Re: Season 7 Finale discussion Pearson, John Thu May 21 10:00:49 2009

I know it's a long shot but what if Jack just plays a couple of opening 
episodes and then dies?
That would satisfy the people that say "we know he was signed for next season" 
but for how long?

Is Rene the new Jack?

John Pearson

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So I am not the only one! I was disappointed with the finale. It ended with a 
whimper. Jack lying comatose in bed. And like Josina said, we already know 
there will be a season 8 so it was no suspense, will Jack live. We knew it. For 
me the season went from great to ho hum when first Bill died and then Tony 
became bad. And I can buy that he'd do all that for revenge. Revenge yes but 
not killing innocent people, himself. This season to me is right behind last 
season as worst.

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I was so disappointed in the finale. I watched it again and found scenes that I 
liked but I didn't feel like it was a finale. This season has be SO great I was 
ready to move it to the number two spot for favorite seasons. Then the finale. 
I wanted everything wrapped up for the day so we could prepare for the next 
season. I just didn't get closure on anything but Olivia and Tony going to 
jail. I loved dark Tony but crazy evil Tony was just not to be believed.

And they brought up torture AGAIN. They should have kept the Jack is dying for 
season 8. We KNEW he'd be back and they told us a while back how he could be 

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I thought the finale was BRILLIANT!!! I especially thought the music was some 
of Sean Callery's best. Espcially great was the scene between Jack and 
Renee--they soft contemplative music which included the 24 theme was moving. 
That scene had me in tears.

And Tony....what a great storyline, a quadruple cross! Although in my mind it 
didn't justify what Tony did, I understand how someone could just snap and be 
out for vengeance. And I like that he didn't die.

The Olivia story line dragged a bit, but I liked it. I also agreed with the 
President's decision to charge Olivia. I thought it was very cold of Henry to 
basically blame her for Roger's death. And it's nice to see Ethan back in the 

And all the Kim haters can go kiss a cougar. Kim certainly kicked some ass. 
Well done Elisha!!!

All in all, season 7 is now my favorite. I can't wait to watch my new boxset!

10/10 for both episodes.

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