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[American_Idol_By_Request] 'American Idol' to Reair Michael Jackson Week In Tribute Susie Whatley Fri Jun 26 01:00:37 2009

'American Idol' to Reair Michael Jackson Week In Tribute
Thursday, June 25, 2009 

For the first time in the network's history, Fox has announced that it will air 
an episode from the recently concluded season of American Idol, in tribute to 
Michael Jackson, who died earlier today of an alleged heart attack.

Naturally, the network will air Michael Jackson week--the first week of 
performances from this year's Top 13, which had them give their spin to the 
King of Pop's diverse catalogue, from his years with the Jackson 5 to his 
successful solo career.

The news was announced during So You Think You Can Dance's results show 
earlier; previously scheduled screenings of House and Lie to Me will be 
preempted to accommodate the two-hour special.

Personally, that week was one of the better celebrations of Jackson's music, 
and as I'll explain later, proved to be quite a revelation to me about his huge 
impact in the music industry, to pop culture, and to the world as a whole.  Of 
course, we've done something on this show before; you can take a look at what 
happened a few months back with the slideshow below.  And then, we'll watch it 
in memory of the king.

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