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[Canon-10D] Re: from Bauana to Carauari in 233 images... jvismara Fri Jun 26 23:00:24 2009

please tell me... is the long text boring?
are these far too many images for anybody to care?
is the theme Amazon kind of dejá vue?
maybe I'm in the wrong mailing list... any recommendation of a nice one to 
share experiences?

--- In [EMAIL PROTECTED], Jorge Vismara <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I'm going from back to front in the re-processing of the images of the 
> trip to the Amazon River, September 2008, sorry about that...
> We left Bauana early in the morning to try to make as many kilometers as 
> possible under the fresh morning air... we knew it was going to be a 
> long day, about 8 hours to reach Carauari.
> The first image is when we are leaving the igarapé Bauana, and entering 
> into the Juruá River. We were leaving behind two days of work at the 
> Uacarí RDS (Reserva de Desenvolvimento Sustentável de Uacari).
> We were driving two small (and crowded) aluminum boats... with overboard 
> engines, and carrying plenty of gasoline with us, to make the whole trip 
> with only one stop for changing the fuel tanks (nowhere to buy gasoline) 
> and carrying all our gear.
> after some hours, the heat, the constant beating the water by the boat, 
> was taking some of us into the siesta mode... but I could not, the 
> images were constantly changing, people in their little wooden boats, 
> trees tall short fallen growing, sand dunes, floating trunks (had to 
> wake up our pilot as we were going to crash into one), the magnificent 
> simplicity and complexity of the forest was like an adrenaline shot for 
> me... I shoot nearly 900 pics... more than 100 per hour...
> at the end of the day, at Carauari, we were leaving the hotel going for 
> dinner, when we saw an amazing sky...
> some of the best
> 233 images
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