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Re: [Canon-350D] Re: Proposed list name change request for comment Rob Morales Thu Sep 18 20:00:29 2008

As one of the moderators, I own a 350D and a 40d and I am completely for the 
name change. Many of us on this group have multiple models and lenses. I 
originally joined the group when I only owned the 350d, and have not joined 
another group since. The reason for this is because it didn't matter what body 
I was using or owned, there are knowledgeable people here familiar with the 
350D and other models, including other manufacturers, and I feel I am better 
for being a part of it. 

In the last 2 years, I have not seen many discussions about the specifics of 
the 350d, but mostly about the basics and intricacies of photography itself. 
Which is really why we are all here. We should want to better ourselves as 
photographers, not strictly 350d users. The camera is just a tool, like a 
hammer. The skill or trade is photography. I'd rather master the trade than 
just the tool. Plus, any photographer knows that when it comes photography, the 
glass is what is most important. Camera bodies will come and go. Lenses can 
stay with you for a good part of a decade or beyond. 

Also, the fact that the 350d is so ridiculously affordable now means there will 
most likely always be more 350d users here than anything else. There will 
always be discussions about the 350d, plus the 400d, 450d, 40d and other 
models. Opening our group will help us make informed decisions on upgrades in 
the future for people who own or have on a 350d and have moved up. We should 
not limit ourselves.

I love my 350d, I only use the 40d for studio work, but the 350d for everything 
else. It might be one of the best purchases I ever made. But the camera is no 
longer in production, and one day will be a relic in the world of Canon DSLR 
photography. Without a name change our group will suffer the same fate. There 
are a great bunch of people here who contribute, and I would hate to lose any 
of them. Plus, there may be many more out there that we could benefit from by 
widening our scope.

As we grow as photographers, the group should grow with us. 

- Rob in NYC



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