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Re: [Canon-350D] Re: Keep the existing name David Livingstone Thu Sep 25 11:01:53 2008

In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Bill Keiser <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 

>feel free to start a new group if you want one that is specific to your 
>model of choice. it is free and takes about five minutes. let us know 
>about it and we'll put it in the links here.

That's it Bill - I've no need for a change and is happy with the status 
quo. It's you guys that are wanting a change. And I'm well aware how to 
set up a group thanks.

If I want details, info, a query, about a 350D I simply KNOW to come 

Not A .N. Other group that is lost in the morass of other less specific 
general photography groups.

Where do I go for the same in six months? As an example, was that post 
with the specs for the 350D's remote control/battery, etc that I saw, in 
the original group, since the change or one of my general groups?

Sorry, but the boat has been missed for a less specific group, and I 
doubt you'll keep present membership, or be sufficiently different to 
attract new ones.