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Re: [Canon-350D] CF card pins, sensor cleaning Rosemary Thu Sep 25 20:00:44 2008

Hey Wayne, 

Well. I have tried the camera sensor cleaning twice on the 350D, where it opens 
up and I use this huge camera blower (from the camera store). I was able to get 
it clean with the exception of two stubborn spots that will not come off.  

There is actually a kit with swipes? I did not know this.  My only option was 
going to have to drive an hour up to Phoenix and have the guy clean the 
sensor..........that is if he had time............and was there.............not 
to mention the expense. So aggravating. 

If you have other ideas of what, where, how, etc., please let me know! 


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  Rosemary, how do you clean your sensor? I've got a kit with swipes on  
  a stick the right size for my 350D and 400D and I find that works  
  fine. Mostly I just blow it clean and of course the 400D keeps itself  
  pretty clean. I have one of those big rocket shaped blowers and I  
  find that does a good job of shifting most stuff on the 350D.



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