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Re: [Canon-350D] Re: CF card pins Boris Beckert Mon Sep 29 01:03:23 2008

The charge for repair (which included a nice sensor cleaning--I  
recently tested it and my sensor is clear) was $125 US.  That's  
significantly less than the cost for such a camera body on the used  
market.  I used a place called

I am thinking my next upgrade will be a different body (the camera,  
not me).  I'm looking at the 40D.  The only real point of  
dissatisfaction I have with the 350D is the noise made by the motor  
with each shutter actuation.  I don't care for the loud, higher  
pitched sound.  I like the quieter click of the 40D and, frankly, the  



On Sep 28, 2008, at 2:13 AM, postyexpress wrote:

> How much did it cost to get the camera fixed?
> Given that its a 2005 camera I just wonder if a discounted 400D may
> have been worthwhile.

Boris Beckert
Lake Elmo, MN
BorisMD at Mac dot com

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