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Re: [CanonDigital SLRs] Calibration? hut2three Fri Jun 26 17:00:32 2009

Thank you for that info. I already knew most of that.  I have a calibration 
target designed for precision telescopes.  Oddly, the amount of focus 
degradation is dependent on F-stop setting. On my kit lens on the 20-D, the 
ideal spot is about F4 (still out of focus) and it gets worse in both 
directions from there. The L-series is at about F-8.  My Olympus point-and 
shoot is dead on crisp at all F-stops.
I've been on the Canon website, and don't see anything about calibration or 
about sending to them. I'll look again at the website.

--- In [EMAIL PROTECTED], Chuck Norcutt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> You'll have to send it to Canon for calibration.  It's not something you 
> can do yourself.  The 5D MkII and 50D both offer "AF micro adjustment" 
> which allows the user to individually calibrate focus setting 
> adjustments for up to 20 lenses.  But not for earlier cameras, 
> unfortunately.
> But first do some very rigorous tests to prove that it's the camera. 
> Set it on a tripod and use a target with good contrast.  If that doesn't 
> work then it's surely the camera.  If it does work you may have to 
> examine your modus operandi.  First thing that comes to mind is multiple 
> focus points.  I only ever use the center focus point because otherwise 
> I'm really not sure all the time what the camera chose to focus on. 
> There may be more causes as well.  I know it's hard to question you own 
> techniques (especially if you're a well experienced photographer) but 
> sometimes it just turns out that, as Pogo said: "We have met the enemy 
> and he is us".  (I hope I got that quote right) :-)
> Chuck Norcutt
> hut2three wrote:
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> > 
> > 
> > My 20D always shoots just a little out of focus. All lenses, same 
> > problem. It's irritating.
> > I don't know of anyone else with this problem, and can't find any 
> > information on calibrating the focus. I might have to scrap it, and just 
> > buy new, but I like having the extra body at no additional cost.
> > 
> > Anyone help?
> > 
> > Hut
> > Hut Photographic, Inc.
> > Jefferson, NJ
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