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Re: Problems with submitting my gadget shateldo Tue Jun 23 02:00:39 2009

okay regardless of the problem with the thumbnail url - i managed to
squeeze the file size to about 96 kb - its still located at the same
site and this is the link where im going to submit the gadget:http://  and it says i can pick desktop gadget
as a type of file submission - it still saying its too big
though...and how do you submit to the google desktop gallery if its
not this way?

On Jun 2, 1:43 pm, Stefan vd <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi,
> I check you gadget.gmanifest
> And it seem you doesn't enter in the 'thumbnail string' a URL 
> withhttp://www...
> <thumbnailUrl>Screenshot-1-1.png</thumbnailUrl>
> <screenshotUrl>
> Screenshot-2.png</screenshotUrl>
> Note: Normally the maximum size you can submit to Google Desktop
> gallery is 1MB for the total .gg file. (you gadget size is 2MB)
> So remove all the photo's you doesn't need for the gadget. Try to
> compress a photo's ....
> You can also store all you gadget also on this website from 
> Google
> Just create a new project and place you gadget on the download list.
> (Store quotas 1GB, show download counter, and download quotas 2GB)
> It's handy, so you easy can change from website server without
> losings
> you gadget. (no error for wrong URL,...)
> See here my Google Project 
> page:
> Kind Regards,
> Stefan Van Damme (aka Stefan vd)
> Gadget Developer
> On 2 jun, 18:40,shateldo<[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > I can't seem to submit my google desktop gadget. I have it hosted on
> > my google site ( i think
> > in the right way and if its not i really don't know of any way to host
> > the .gg file. I tried submitting it after that. It told me I needed a
> > screenshot pic. So i put one in and then tried submitting again and it
> > told me it was too big...and it said i could only put 100kb on
> > it...but I've seen gadgets online that were over i doing
> > something wrong?

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