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Re: Problems with submitting my gadget Stefan vd Tue Jun 23 03:00:20 2009


On the follow website you choose the "Desktop Gadget".
And then type you download link.

When you submit it can say that the file is to big, but it isn't.(i
mean the .gg file) But maybe you must check the Large and small
screenshots. (Max size is normal 100KB)
You can try to change the picture to a '.jpg' file type.

Stefan Van Damme (aka Stefan vd)
Gadget Developer

On 23 jun, 07:37, shateldo <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> okay regardless of the problem with the thumbnail url - i managed to
> squeeze the file size to about 96 kb - its still located at the same
> site and this is the link where im going to submit the gadget:http://
>  and it says i can pick desktop gadget
> as a type of file submission - it still saying its too big
> though...and how do you submit to the google desktop gallery if its
> not this way?
> On Jun 2, 1:43 pm, Stefan vd <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I check you gadget.gmanifest
> > And it seem you doesn't enter in the 'thumbnail string' a URL 
> > withhttp://www...
> > <thumbnailUrl>Screenshot-1-1.png</thumbnailUrl>
> > <screenshotUrl>
> > Screenshot-2.png</screenshotUrl>
> > Note: Normally the maximum size you can submit to Google Desktop
> > gallery is 1MB for the total .gg file. (you gadget size is 2MB)
> > So remove all the photo's you doesn't need for the gadget. Try to
> > compress a photo's ....
> > You can also store all you gadget also on this website from 
> > Google
> > Just create a new project and place you gadget on the download list.
> > (Store quotas 1GB, show download counter, and download quotas 2GB)
> > It's handy, so you easy can change from website server without
> > losings
> > you gadget. (no error for wrong URL,...)
> > See here my Google Project 
> > page:
> > Kind Regards,
> > Stefan Van Damme (aka Stefan vd)
> > Gadget Developer
> > On 2 jun, 18:40,shateldo<[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > > I can't seem to submit my google desktop gadget. I have it hosted on
> > > my google site ( i think
> > > in the right way and if its not i really don't know of any way to host
> > > the .gg file. I tried submitting it after that. It told me I needed a
> > > screenshot pic. So i put one in and then tried submitting again and it
> > > told me it was too big...and it said i could only put 100kb on
> > > it...but I've seen gadgets online that were over i doing
> > > something wrong?
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