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Re: [Law-and-Order_Criminal-Intent] The Actress' Name Is.... Mandi B. Fri Jul 18 09:01:13 2008

Sorry, Frank - I just can't get into her - didn't get her as a serious 
character when she was on Ally McBeal as a lawyer, then she was on some 
short-lived series - also a lawyer ?, now as a big-time cop ? -even though she 
is better - she has to fight her genetics; she just looks about 12 yrs old - 
the little boy haircut and the little kid face just doesn't work for me - even 
though Eames isn't haggard enough either for a major-case NYPD cop - not paired 
with Goren ! ! Lenny Briscoe has the look, the new guys on regular L&O this 
season look right - I guess it's my own prejudice to work through - LOL - young 
D'Onofrio wouldn't have worked either :) Mandi (who has too many personal 
issues herself)

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Subject: [Law-and-Order_Criminal-Intent] The Actress' Name Is....
Date: Friday, July 18, 2008, 8:26 AM

Julianne Nicholson and the character's name is Det. Megan Wheeler.
Somehow I don't think Det. "Freckles" very cop like unless of course
you're on "21 Sesame Street". (A big hooya to anyone on this list that
gets the reference)