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Re: [Law-and-Order_Criminal-Intent] The Actress' Name Is.... Cat Fri Jul 18 09:01:30 2008

I see what you are saying, Mandi.  I'm not her biggest fan either, but I'm 
learning to deal with her.  Personally, I loved Annabella's character, Barish.  
That was the female equivalent to Goren.  I love what they did with the 
regular L&O this season as well.  Linus Roache as Michael Cutter is fantastic.  
Jeremy Sisto is nice and warped.  And Anthony Anderson can pull of one liners 
almost as well as the late and very great Jerry Orbach.  CI will get there.  
L&O is in it's 18th year.  CI still has a few growing pains to go through.  LOL!

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Sorry, Frank - I just can't get into her - didn't get her as a serious 
character when she was on Ally McBeal as a lawyer, then she was on some 
short-lived series - also a lawyer ?, now as a big-time cop ? -even though she 
is better - she has to fight her genetics; she just looks about 12 yrs old - 
the little boy haircut and the little kid face just doesn't work for me - even 
though Eames isn't haggard enough either for a major-case NYPD cop - not paired 
with Goren ! ! Lenny Briscoe has the look, the new guys on regular L&O this 
season look right - I guess it's my own prejudice to work through - LOL - young 
D'Onofrio wouldn't have worked either :) Mandi (who has too many personal 
issues herself)

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Julianne Nicholson and the character's name is Det. Megan Wheeler.
Somehow I don't think Det. "Freckles" very cop like unless of course
you're on "21 Sesame Street". (A big hooya to anyone on this list that
gets the reference)