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Re: ~*~Lost-ABC~*~ Re: What episode has Sawyer and Kate in towels? Dawn Shertzer Mon May 18 05:04:00 2009

I found it!  It wasn't Kate, it was Cassidy.  And the episode was The Long 
Con.  I thought it was Kate, because the wallpaper that someone made where I 
saw the screen caps had James and Kate on it.  But, after a closer look, I 
realized it wasn't Kate at all.  Thanks!


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Subject: ~*~Lost-ABC~*~ Re: What episode has Sawyer and Kate in towels?
Date: Monday, May 18, 2009, 1:48 AM


      Are you sure that wasn't Jack & Kate? I don't remember Sawyer showering 
in the hatch. 

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> no - from further back when they were in the Hatch - remember? there was a 
> shower in there and they all took turns. Sorry don't have time to look up 
> the specific ep - hope this info makes it easier for someone else to do that
> stacey k.