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~*~Lost-ABC~*~ Season 6 Teaser Video (was Re:Episode:"The Incident" Stacey Tue Jun 09 21:00:21 2009

Hello everyone. I've been very very sick (hospitalized) but am back and
better now. Sorry for abandoning you when I thought everything was all
good. I'm seriously here to stay now! LOL

Anyway, Donna. The eye you are speaking of wasn't from the season finale
it was from a teaser video after the finale advertising season 6. Here
is the link to the information that Ceci was talking about at DarkUFO's
Hope it helps!


--- In [EMAIL PROTECTED], Donna Cormier <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi Ceci, Thanks for the info. I went to Dark UFO's site and looked
around but could not find anything regarding the eyes. Could you tell me
what section I need to look at, please?