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Re: [Nikon D100 D200] Batch EXIF Reader D Marcotte Tue Aug 14 06:00:59 2007

  The EXIF Readers that I've been able to find do not provide a
> > batch function to search for a specific alphanumeric string. > >

> If you're not afraid of the command-line, the best tool to use would be
> exiftool by phil harvey:
> With it you can extract any EXIF information you want, and in the format
> you want as well so you could cater for your requirement as well.

Thx Hayo. Looks like a winner. I had already downloaded Perl from
Active(something) and was going to try to find instructions on how to
use it. Roy provided a script that I was hoping to modify for NEFs.

I am totally fearless about the command line because that is where I
started out in my computing career in 1967! I even go there to get at
the registry (maybe I'm too brave <G>).