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[Papermodels II 37693] Round pipes from flat paper John Freeman Fri Jun 26 14:00:51 2009

I enjoyed seeing Joe Golden's methods for making round pipes from flat
paper. I shall try them both. I'm also hoping some of the rest of you will
add your own techniques to this thread.

Here is my take on the problem: This is my model of the 1967 BRM Formula 1
race car. It has twisty exhaust pipes. I cut out the paper pipes, with a bit
of extra to hang on to. Then, using the ubiquitous toothpick, I laid a bead
of good old white glue on both sides of each pipe. When it was dry (quite a
while!) I added another layer. I kept doing this until it was round, then
painted it, of course.

I think Joe's method may be quicker!
John Freeman
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