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Re: [SCT] Re: Flying Douglas St.Clair Mon Jun 22 07:00:42 2009

You're right Sarge it was the sportsman!

Thanks for making the correction and taking
the onus off the nice well behaved Tourist.

Actually you can engage the Patrol (two wheel drive
no differential) for on road or off road use but let
me tell you that a Patrol with the two wheel drive
engaged on a road handling really sucks. <grin>

On Jun 21, 2009, at 9:49 PM, Tom Brown wrote:

> --- In [EMAIL PROTECTED], "Douglas St.Clair" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >
> > I was told the Ural Tourist (non locking differential) was
> > discontinued because people were flying the chair, the power was
> > transferring to the chair's wheel, the driver was sensing the loss  
> of
> > power and revving the engine, the chair wheel was speeding up to  
> beat
> > the band and when it came down the chair wheel was driving the rig
> > violently to the left and into oncoming traffic. Which I will point
> > out, if it isn't obvious, is a bad thing.
> *********************************
> Everything in the story is pretty much correct except the model. The  
> Tourist was and is a 1WD model and is still made. The model that  
> snapped its axles was the Sportsman with its full-time 2WD  
> differential. Today's 2WD models from Ural are direct drive and can  
> only be placed in 2WD offroad. The Sportsman was 2WD on the road and  
> that is where the glitch came in.
> Sarge

St. Doug, Tigger and Puppy in our memory.
Tir na nOg
Wilton, NH USA

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