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Re: [SCT] Automobile Tires Howard Tue Jun 23 18:00:20 2009

it would be interesting to know for my 90 SE 1500 also a friend of mine has a 
car tire on is 1800

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  From: Bradley 
  Sent: Saturday, June 20, 2009 10:50 PM
  Subject: [SCT] Automobile Tires

  Has anyone tried mounting automobile tires on their motorcycle rims? 

  I have a 1996 Goldwing GL1500 with motorcycle tires and it's pulling a large 
California sidecar. Someone on another group I belong to is offering a 
175/60/16 formoza fd2 for the GL1500. 

  He claims the tire fit the bike great but he didn't like the ride (no sidecar 
on his GL1500). 

  Is it safe to do this?