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RE: [Supertraining] More Matrix Training Questions KlineS Mon Jun 22 06:01:44 2009

Ignoring the "infomercialism" of website.......does anyone care to discuss
the philosophy of progressing through 36 "matrixes"?  Is there any
deconditioning/unloading/whatever or is it a continuous progression through
the increasingly "intense" matrixes?

Many so called systems or programs consist of 6-8 weeks 10x10/5x5/whatever
and then the guru pulls another magical program from the hat and tells the
trainee to do 6-8 weeks of (insert Weider priniciple) training. Is there
merit to the system or is it just a reason to sell you books #2 and 3?

Steve Kline

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> To me, that sounds hokey. But, reading some of the other posts (e.g., by
> Ken and by Ed), I think it's probably inaccurate to evaluate the 
> credibility
> of matrix training by focusing on that quote.

Hi Tony,

In the past(far) some subscrupled Arthur Jones type would advertise that 
all you needed was 15 minutes a week for ?XYZ?  results! The 15 mintes 
stood for actual time-under-tension time! That's obviously 30 sets of 30 
second sets -- not much for 1 week but much more than the 15 minutes a week.

Maybe the 15 minute quote is a semantic/neural overlap -- maybe its from an 
aerobic claim -- that is 3 X's 5 minutes a week provides great??? CV 
results (for some population) which I think is viable -- come to think of it
Jones who originated this commercialized BS.