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[SurroundSound] Re: Captain beefheart live quad? bob maddock Mon Jun 22 04:00:26 2009

best of luck to you. i'll keep your plight in my prayers.

go unplug the cyberworld and focus your energies where they are needed right

On Sat, Jun 20, 2009 at 9:35 AM, RW <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hello mates, been a long time since ol' RW checked-in with me crew.
> For those that don't know, I am trying *desperately* to salvage a 27
> year marriage from shattering into little bits.  I LOVE my wife SO
> much that it kills me each night when I go to bed alone.  I am SO
> distraught that you cannot imagine the pain and suffering I am going
> thru.  My wife has been, and will ALWAYS be the love of my life.  She
> is the most beautiful girl on Earth to me and I am heartsick at the
> thought of losing her.  She is moving back in today - HOORAY!! - (been
> gone from our home for 6 weeks) and I will be spending ALL my waking
> hours trying to show her that I can once again be the man she fell in
> love with so many years ago.
> Here's a link so that you can see what I am fighting for -  5ft. 9
> in.,  135 lbs, the SWEETEST personality you can imagine. and to top it
> off, she is a *fabulous* cook.  And, even though it may me "Too Much
> Information", she is absolutely the best lover I have ever had the
> pleasure of bedding.
> Now, if any man here can tell me that she is not a prize worth
> fighting for, well I pity you, my friend.
> So, you can see why I have not been around much lately,  I am trying
> desperately to salvage our marriage of 27 years - yes 27 years!!  I
> would like to ask all of my SurroundSound buds to PLEASE say a prayer
> for me to have success in my endeavor, the last 6 weeks have been the
> toughest of my life.  I simply CANNOT imagine my world without her in
> it.  And I am determined to make things right between us.  I am 53
> years old and I SERIOUSLY doubt that I'll ever be able to find a gal
> who even comes close to what my lovely Patty is to me.
> Thanks for hearing me out, I must go now, the tears are streaming down
> my face and I cannot even see the monitor clearly.  Please, dear God,
> show some pity on my poor soul and help me to win back the most
> beautiful girl I have ever known.  My very life depends upon it...
> Thanks, mates!!
> -RW-
> >

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