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[SurroundSound] Why do you need to have more than two pickups, even for surround? Karthick Thu Jun 25 12:00:27 2009

Hi all,

I googled and this NG looks like a fit for my question. I am only a
layman and not really into audio tech, so my statements below will not
have correct "technical" terms.

My main theory is, if you have only two multi-directional and multi-
frequency pickups/recorders (i.e, stereo), then you can, just when you
are about to drive those 5.1 or 3.1 or 7.1 speakers, convert the
stereo to the required format (through some algorithm) and have
_absolutely_ the same effect as if you recorded with 5 pickups. You do
not need more than 2 pickups. You do not need to store audio data (for
e.g, in a CD) in any mode other than stereo. You can still hear the
same quality of surround.

My reasoning is, ultimately, the human listener has only two pickups
(the two ears). While you do need to have multiple speakers for
increasing the "sweet-spot" for surround sound, the information that
will go "into" the listener is stereo. Hence having only stereo format
for storing audio is enough.

Would appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

- Karthick

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