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Re: [Suzuki_Burgman] Top case for 650 David Pittle Thu Jun 25 04:00:30 2009


I recommend not getting the installed lights, but rather getting the AdMore lights. The AdMores include running lights, flashing brake lights, and turn signals and they are LED lights, much brighter than the Givi lights. They don't cost more than the Givis last I looked.


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Bob Reiff wrote:

I have a black Givi 52 on my silver 650. If you order it with the internal lights already in it it is cheaper than ordering them separately and adding them yourself later. Unfortunately, Givi, for some strange reason, won't supply the painted ones with the lights preinstalled. This is where I got mine ---- They are a local family (father-son) run business. They have given me good prices and service on tires and accessories in the past. I am getting ready to order another set of tires from them in the next couple weeks.
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Ralph Patey wrote:

I have a new 650 Burgman Executive that I want to put a top box on.
What is the largest practical size Givi and where is the best place
to get it? Any of the same info on side boxes would also be appreciated.