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[TexasPsych] Re: Modern Rock Music - Influence of Groups/Progression of Music Russ Fri Jun 26 20:00:35 2009

Soft Boys, Wire, and some of Robert Fripp's guest work (Blondie track
"Fade Away and Radiate" comes to mind) too

On Jun 26, 7:05 pm, James Sigrist <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Yeah, and what about Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance, Clan of Xymox, The  
> Cure, The Church, John Foxx, Danse Society, Orchestral Manoeuvres In  
> The Dark, Thomas Dolby, etc. etc.  And then the 70's.  What about  
> Sparks? Great band. Still going strong. And most important of all:  
> Tangerine Dream, (Phaedra,Rubycon,Ricochet era, a clear Pink Floyd  
> influence)  Brian Eno.  The seventies and eighties are often dismissed  
> as boring music eras.  Not remotely true.  Unless you listened to ugly  
> radio.
> On Jun 26, 2009, at 11:37 AM, miless wrote:
> > There's a whole period being glossed over here, and that's 80's
> > underground music. There were countless bands listening to the likes
> > of the Elevators, Red Crayola, Chocolate Watchband, The Stooges and
> > VU. Primal Scream, REM, Spacemen 3, Green River/Mudhoney, Butthole
> > Surfers, My Bloody Valentine, Dinosaur Jr., etc... (many of these
> > bands even covered songs from the aformentioned artists).
> > Not to mention Post-Punk, punk's own 'psychedelic' movement (Pere Ubu,
> > Sonic Youth, Public Image Limited, Magazine, Big Black, DNA, Joy
> > Division, Gang of Four)... these bands, like their psychedelic
> > predecessors, took punk/garage rock and experimented with it in weird
> > (noisy) ways, which would have been completely different had the
> > psychedelic movement not happened.
> > Another very influential psychedelic band ignored previously is Black
> > Sabbath. (Their first three albums are undeniably psychedelic) Of
> > course Black Sabbath are one of those rare influential bands that was
> > also popular, but they are (one of) the direct link(s) to Metal
> > (others include Sir Lord Baltimore, Methuselah, Blue Cheer, Hawkwind).
> > there's also a link with Hair Metal in that many of them started out
> > as punk bands. GnR started out playing Dead Boys covers and (although
> > not hair metal per se) Metallica started off covering Misfits songs
> > (and both of those bands wanted to be The Stooges). That's not to say
> > I like them (their music is so meaningless, idiotic and cheesy that I
> > can't even come close to taking almost any 80's metal seriously)...
> > for me, Metal didn't become interesting until the early 90's with the
> > arrival of 'stoner metal' (or drone metal, kids that combined VU/
> > Spacemen 3 style drone-rock with Black Sabbath style metal). Bands
> > like Sleep or Earth have created some of the best psychedelic music of
> > the moder era.
> > the real question is: what bands were influenced by The Monkees? I
> > mean what band formed (after the 60's) and went anywhere trying to
> > copy The Monkees? The closest thing that I can think of are all those
> > prefab Disney 'bands' out now... but they don't have a choice. (and
> > the reason why The Monkees are tolerable is because 'their' music is
> > all laid down by top-notch studio musicians, the same ones responsible
> > for Pet Sounds and parts of Love's Forever Changes, and written by
> > folks like Neil Diamond)- Hide quoted text -
> - Show quoted text -
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