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[TFA] Re: Microsoft sponsored fish web site NetMax Thu Jun 25 05:00:59 2009

I have the impression that Maine is doing two things at the same time,
restricting flora/fauna which could be invasive (makes sense), and
restricting flora/fauna on the basis of the supplier's ability to
produce.  If that's correct, then it's the latter that falls into the
category that frequently makes me feel like governments get too
involved, and making a big project bigger increases the chances of it
all failing, or generating an underground economy as people disagree
with the government's opinion of the day. Governments should be more
surgical, focusing on tasks which are logical, well researched, easier
to communicate and more achievable.  jmo

In Canada, we have the same problem, lurching from obliviousness to a
heavy-handed response on some issues.  They may fine-tune it later as
they go along.


On Jun 25, 6:13 am, Mister Gardener <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Good timing - right in the middle of a discussion on Koi indoors and
> out. I skimmed over those messages since I can not relate; Koi are
> banned in Maine, indoors or out, as are outdoor ponds of non native
> fish. Many popular aquarium plants are also banned here, as well as
> snails and many popular reptiles. Maine is well along the way toward the
> goal of every fish in pet shops be from captive breeding. I'm glad to
> see that the following are all permitted here at this time. Altums may
> eventually be taken off the permitted list if captive breeding doesn't
> become well established.
> Deep Angelfish, Altum Angel, Long-Finned Angelfish      /Pterophyllum altum/
> Long-Nose Angelfish     /Pterophyllum dumerili/
> Angelfish, Lesser Angelfish, Scalare    /Pterophyllum scalare /
> (Permitted fish)  
> (Banned Plants)
> MG
> NetMax wrote:
> > I just 'upgraded' to MS IE 8.0 and it loads a few websites into your
> > favorites bar along the top.  One of them is
> > is the opening paragraph:
> > <snip>
> > Welcome to a site for aquarium hobbyists, backyard pond owners, water
> > gardeners and others who are concerned about aquatic resource
> > conservation. Americans enjoy a diversity of hobbies, many of which
> > involve our natural environment. And protecting these resources is an
> > important part of our overall enjoyment.
> > <snip>
> > An interesting conservation exposure to the masses, on topics near &
> > dear to our hearts here in TFA.  Just when I hated almost everything
> > Microsoft does, they go and do something like this ;~)
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