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Re: A Different Swinging Door - As Bill Sees It margarita Fri Mar 06 06:00:33 2009

I have been an active member of AA for 24 years - and  I said to  my friend(
fllowing the same principle ) . I am nit here to stop you drinking...ify ou
are an alcoholic  i will highly recomend for you not to drink ( when asked )

2009/3/5 James F. <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> *A Different Swinging Door*
> When a drunk shows up among us and says that he doesn't like the A.A.
> principles, people, or service management, when he declares that he can do
> better elsewhere -- we are not worried. We simply say, "Maybe your case
> really is different. Why don't you try something else?"
> If an A.A. member says he doesn't like his own group, we are not disturbed.
> We simply say, "Why don't you try another one? Or start one of your own."
> To those who wish to secede from A.A. altogether, we extent a cheerful
> invitation to do just that. If they can do better by other means, we are
> glad. If after a trial they cannot do better, we know they face a choice:
> They can go mad or die or they return to A.A. The decision is wholly theirs.
> (As a matter of fact, most of them do come back.)
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