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Re: app:accept and Atom entry MIME type Roy T. Fielding Mon May 18 18:00:25 2009

On May 18, 2009, at 11:26 AM, Al Brown wrote:

I believe it is more about extensions to atom. How should a group that builds on top of atom using atom extensibility advertise that it can accept generic atom and/or atom+it's extensions in addition to other potential media types?

Why does it need to?  Why not just let the client try it.

In app, this is all done by media types. Both vanilla atom + atom with extensions have the same media type which cause problems.

Won't the extensions be ignored by a server that doesn't want them?

I am not sure leveraging categories as the signaling mechanism fits.

I agree.  Atom categories are analogous to folders in CMIS.
It would make more sense to replace most of the CMIS extensions
by using the Atom category mechanism to hold its filing relations.