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Update AMAction Window before runWithInput Zuhayr Khan Mon Dec 01 01:07:41 2008


I've been developing an automator action in objective-c which I intend to use in conjunction with the "Ask for Movies" action.

I am looking for the movie I pick in "Ask for Movies" to be passed to my action so that it can pre-process the input filename before presenting the action's window to the user.

The selected movie is passed fine within the context of the runWithInput() invocation - but with "Show this action when workflow runs" enabled, I only see the runWithInput() invocation once the user has clicked continue.

I'm not sure how to try and solve this - I guess I could not use "Show this action when workflow runs" and have the runWithInput() method programmatically display the window? - or perhaps there's some method that would be invoked by AMWorkflowRunner before runWithInput() ?

If anyone has any ideas on how I can solve this - or indeed another way for me to achieve what I want to, I'd be very grateful.

Thanks in advance,

Zuhayr Khan
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