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{BL} Re: Shops in Philadelphia Justin Miller Fri Jun 26 12:01:13 2009

I have bought used bikes at Firehouse but never had them do any
repairs.  Very satisfied with the bikes.  They are worth a visit just
to poke around.

The Philly shop that deals with bikes like yours the most would be
Trophy Bikes, at 3131 Walnut Street.

Also, the owner of Bicycle Revolutions, Bryan Van Arsdale, is a top
mechanic.  He is at 712 S. 4th Street.

Justin Miller

On Jun 26, 3:24 am, J August <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi Folks-
> I just relocated to Philly and have a bike in need of a tuneup. It's a
> nice (in my opinion) Rando-ish Soma Doublecross 
> -
> and want a shop that knows how to treat a bike. I'm on 47th and
> Baltimore near Firehouse cycles and I'm not sure how they are. I guess
> I just want to make sure it's a shop with a good working knowledge of
> BOBish things...
> Help!
> -Justin
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