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[big5apps] Re: Not getting GPS Locations dga Tue Mar 24 04:00:26 2009

I tried to use the deprecated functions Device.Location.wait() and
Device.Location.last() with the same result.  I do not get a GPS
location while the Google Maps application does.  Can anyone else
confirm this behaviour (or not, in which case it might be my phone
that is the problem)?  If so, it should be reported as a bug.  I was
relying on Big5 for an application that needs to be working by the
beginning of May and this problem is a bit of a show stopper.

Is LiquidGear likely to be available for download from the app store
any time soon?  The whole point of these apps is to provide a platform
for strictly web-based solutions that can be downloaded readily by
anyone.  If I have to build my own custom version of Big5 or
LiquidGear, then I might as well just use PhoneGap and post my own app
to the app store.

On Mar 21, 3:48 pm, Giraldo Rosales <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> The location manager in Big5 uses the default accuracy, which is Best
> Accuracy. It should get you the best possible location in your current
> location. The weird part is that Google Maps is getting it so it can't be a
> bad location.
> I've just updated LiquidGear, adding the option of accuracy to the location.
> The JS gives an example of using a default of 3 meters but you can specify
> anything from 1-100 meters.
> -Giraldo
> On Fri, Mar 20, 2009 at 7:49 PM, dga <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > I was trying out the Demo App today and it has the same problem.  It
> > will not give me a GPS location, only a cell tower fix.
> > On Mar 19, 6:46 pm, dga <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > > I am currently using Big Five to indicate the phone's current location
> > > on Google Maps (the app will obviously eventually do a lot more than
> > > just this!!).  Big Five seems to only return the position as
> > > triangulated from cell towers, never the GPS position.  I can open up
> > > the iPhone Google Maps application, and it will return my current
> > > location to within a few metres.  When I request the location from Big
> > > Five, I always get the same location and it appears to coincide with
> > > the general location reported by the Google Maps application before it
> > > acquires a GPS fix.
> > > I am calling the  getCurrentPosition() method and it successfully
> > > calls back with a position - the problem is that it is always the same
> > > position unless I move about a kilometer or more and get a different
> > > cell tower triangulation.
> > > Any ideas as to why I am not getting a GPS position in Big Five, even
> > > though my phone clearly is?
> > > Thanks
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