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Re: zsh compiling against gdbm Tobias Gasser Wed Jun 24 15:00:48 2009

Agathoklis D. Hatzimanikas schrieb:
>> With GDBM now a part of LFS ZSH picks it up on the system and compiles 
>> against it, as GDBM is installed to /usr ZSH will not find it when ZSH is
>> linked against /bin/sh and multiple partitions are used (as it is in my
>> case). I propose to add --disable-gdbm to the configure command or at 
>> least add a page note to the use of it if ZSH is to be linked against
>> /bin/sh.

if somemon decides to have /usr in another partition - which is not the
proposed setup in the book - it's his/her responsability to have all
dependencies solved for booting.

the same applies if someone decides to use another shell than proposed
in the book.

(as far as i remember, according to the linux standard base, all
libraries required for bootup have to be in /lib not /usr/lib.)

the book clearly states to apply each step litteraly, thus having
another shell than bash or using additional partitions simply is not
covered by the book. whenever someone has problems because of not
following the book, one of the first answers in the list always requires
to follow litteraly.

my proposal:

either add some paragraphs or add new chapters with a title like
"multiple partitions" and "not bash as root shell" describing the
problems that might arise with such doing and giving some hints (just
hints!) how to solve these problems.


starting to add special treatment for gdbm/zsh will give a reason for
any other request not following the current given prerequisites (chapter
iii), host requirements (iv) and setup (2.1..2.4).

next wish could be mawk instead of gawk (ubuntu is happy with, why do we
have to insist for gawk)... or eglib (debian)... or uClib... or ....

each of this additions allone is probably feasible and can be documented
in the book. but the possible combinations would add a complexity nobody
can handle any more...

just my 2 cents...


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