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Re: zsh compiling against gdbm Bruce Dubbs Wed Jun 24 19:00:25 2009

Tobias Gasser wrote:
> Guy Dalziel schrieb:
>> The inclusion of a package in the base system that breaks
>> functionality further up the chain is not a 'minor issue' to be
>> condemned to the wiki.
> good argument.
> but i'd turn it the other way round and something like:
> "to use zsh as primary shell you have to install the gdbm libraries in
> /lib not /usr/lib according to FHS."

AS far as I'm concerned, LFS has always been somewhat agnostic with regard to 
partitioning.  We do have a separate partition for building LFS, but otherwise 
we don't address it much.  We do try to follow the FHS which basically says 
/bin and /sbin are for programs needed if other partitions are not available 
/lib should have any dynamic libraries required by those programs.

We do try to get the boot scripts right so partitions are mounted and scripts 
run prior to that only use the essential programs.

If a user only has one shell, then that needs to be in /bin and any of its 
supporting libraries should be in /lib, but designating that one shell to be 
other than bash is the user's responsibility.  That said, the only entity that 
really needs a shell in /bin is root.

   -- Bruce

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