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[Byline] Re: Suggested Enhancement - Mark Individual Folders to NOT Download Abhi S. Mon Jun 22 04:02:03 2009

I concur. This would be an excellent feature.

On Jun 17, 11:54 pm, TAB <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> As a heavy rss reader, I have a number of feeds that I never want to
> read on a mobile device. For example - Web Comics, Image heavy or
> dependent blogs (like art and photo blogs), or certian blogs that
> refuse to be nice to mobile readers and place the entire text of an
> article in the feed.
> And unfortunately, byline syncs these first - Folders like Art, Comic,
> Architecture, etc...
> This just means that the feeds I want to read get downloaded last.
> While bandwidth heavy, or mobile unreadable feeds are downloading
> first. It would be great if there was a way to mark a folder to not be
> synced,  or at least not synced automatically with the rest of the
> folders.
> I end up going back to the google mobile reader site after a day or
> two every week. Since most of the feeds that I read on the computer
> only are really for weekend reading. The rest are current events. But
> the sync takes too long because of these folders.
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