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[cfaussie] [ANN-SYD] Tonight: UG Tour: Flex 4/Flash Catalyst/Centaur (CF)/Bolt Chris Velevitch Mon Jun 22 05:01:41 2009

Tonight, Monday 22nd June at 6pm for 6:30 start.

Come learn about the newest features in the Flex 4 framework, Flex
Builder 4 and the newest Adobe product -- Flash Catalyst. See product
feature demos, and learn how the new Flex framework powers both Flash
Catalyst and Flex Builder to speed the development and testing of rich
Internet applications and content.

In addition, we be discussing Centaur, the next version of ColdFusion,
and Bolt - code name for the highly anticipated first ColdFusion IDE
from Adobe.  Learn about exciting new features and discover how
Centaur and Bolt will accelerate your ColdFusion application

There will be a number of prizes available for all attendees.

Also, the major software prize, valued at $US2100, will be drawn tonight.

Note: In order to be eligible for the major software prize, you must
have attended at least 3 meeting since the November major software
prize draw. Previous major software winners within the last 2 years
are ineligible.

Please RSVP to help with the catering numbers. You need to sign in and
join the group to RSVP.

Chris Velevitch
Manager - Adobe Platform Users Group, Sydney
m: 0415 469 095

Adobe Platform Users Group, Sydney
June meeting: UG Tour Flex 4, Catalyst, Flash Builder, Coldfusion and Bolt
Date: Mon 22th June 6pm for 6:30 start
Details and RSVP on

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