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[cfaussie] CF8 "file not found" strangeness Ryan Mon Jun 22 06:03:30 2009

Hi all,

I've had a shared CF8 site set up at WebCentral for a relatively
simple site. It's exhibiting a really strange error.

If I FTP upload a file, say "testfile.cfm" (doesn't matter what is in
it) it will work fine.
If I then re-upload exactly the same file, it's returning a "File not
Found" error, and that filename can not be used again even if I delete
the file and re-upload it.

Problem is that their tech staff can't reproduce it at their end,
because I assume they are not using the same FTP credentials as me,
they are probably going in as a sysadmin.

I have had some seemingly ridiculous responses from support as to why
it is not working. While I've deployed a few CF8 sites, my experience
is not as much as with CF7, can anyone tell me if any of these reasons
make sense? It's an amusing read actually:

My first test was a .cfm file with the simple contents "TESTING 123",
their response was:

"Your Index.cfm file is not written in any form of valid mark up
language.The contents of the file contain "TESTING 123" unfortunately
this is nothing in this file Cold Fusion can interpret."

Um.. ok, so I uploaded a file with a nice HTML structure and a <CFDUMP
var="#NOW()#"> in it. Their response:

"After extensive testing and checking coldfusion mappings and
permissions are setup correctly on the resource and working without
issue. We have run various coldfusion test scripts successfully.
Please review your coding for further success. As this is a coding
issue this is now outside the scope of our support."

errr, not much coding there to review. They also uploaded a file that
looked like this, for testing:

<cfset VARIABLES.greeting="Hello">
 <title>Hello World!</title>
 <cfoutput>#VARIABLES.greeting# World!</cfoutput>

I downloaded this file and re-uploaded it. Sure enough the "File Not
Found" error came back. I brought this to their attention. Their

"Not being coders here I am unsure if the reference to
#VARIABLES.greeting# is supported in CF8."

Huh? It was their freaking test file! Now I'm being told this:

"your code does not appear compatible with cf8. Please see the below
link to ensure your code can work on cf8."

Not much there, it's more about upgrading your server, not changing
your code. I asked them to clarify this, their reponse:

"Please see the link provided for full details but basically your
application at the very least will require an  application.cfc file."

This is the bit that I am not 100% sure about. Does CF8 HAVE to have
an Application.cfc file? In any case I made a simple one and uploaded
it twice, and it broke the whole site. Every page started returning a
File Not Found for the Application.cfc file.

Has anyone found an issue like this before? I'm a bit screwed now,
they are refusing to see this as a problem. If I am wrong in any of my
assumptions above then I'll happily eat crow, and send a bottle of
wine to the techies who' ve been attempting to help me. I just don't
see how a file could work, then stop working when being overwritten
with exactly the same file.

thanks all.

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