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[chromium-dev] Re: question about helpwanted items (how it works) Evan Martin Thu Jun 25 08:00:26 2009

On Thu, Jun 25, 2009 at 3:37 AM, nakro<[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> when you mark an itemm as helpWanted, how is it supposed to work from
> there ?

If it's an obvious bug, like "page fails to scroll if screen is in 16
bit color mode", then you can just comment on the bug that you're
looking into it and then submit a patch.

If it's a larger design issue, or feature request that changes the UI,
it's good to bring it up on chromium-dev for discussion.  Which you've
done.  :)

> for example, i replied to 
> a week ago, saying i want to do it and got to response....

If someone else was thinking about working on that bug, they would now
look at it and see that you had mentioned you were working on it.
They would then likely ask you if you were still working on it, or if
you had given up and forgotten to update the bug.  So it's effectively
yours to work on, now.

> (btw, if you will respond to this, i prefer Ctrl+Shift for text only
> zoom)

The options, from the bug, are Ctrl+Alt or Ctrl+Shift.  I don't know
how we'd choose, so I'd just pick one for your patch, implement it,
and if there's a reason to change it it'd be pretty easy to switch.

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