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[cocos2d-iphone] Re: Moonlights hits the app store JPS Mon Jun 15 02:03:03 2009

Thanks for the feedback.
Codematic, as I don't have an iPod 1st gen, I was afraid about the
performances (the game is quite CPU intensive) and Apple rejection.
But send ma your UDID and I'll try to generate an AdHoc build for you.
Don't forget it's also limited to OS2.2 and above.

On Jun 13, 11:08 pm, Codemattic <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I just bought it too!  But it wont work bc I have a lousy gen 1 iPod
> Touch.  Oh well, I should of read the system requirements closer.  I
> dont regret it - Ill get a new pod someday - and itll be waiting for
> me to play.  But I cant give you a review tho.
> Is there a reason you restricted it to 2nd gen iPods?  CPU speed?  If
> it was a mistake make sure to switch it back on your next update!
> D'oh!, Codemattic
> On Jun 13, 4:21 pm, Carpy <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Congratulations!, your game looks great i hope it sells well!
> > On Jun 13, 3:42 pm, JPS <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > > I'm excited to announce that Moonlights has just hit the app store.
> > > Demo video and all links available from here 
> > > :
> > > The dev started 4 months ago, the game was submitted a week ago and
> > > has been approved today.
> > > Thanks to riq and cocos2d community for this framework and the great
> > > support.
Did you read the cocos2d documentation?
Please, read it before asking for help. Probably your answer is there.