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Re: [Courier-imap] SETACL lists Mon Jun 15 01:00:39 2009

 Sam Varshavchik schrieb:
 > > Yes, that's why I asked for an "escape sequence". :-)
 > Any escape sequences must be produced by the IMAP client. For example, 
 > the 
 > modified-UTF7 encoding which is used to specify folder names that 
 > contain 
 > non-Latin characters. This is all a client-side convention. The server 
 > knows 
 > nothing about it. It uses folder names verbatim, as they are given by 
 > the 
 > client. Therefore, if the client needs to use periods, it's the IMAP 
 > client's responsibility to encode them, not the server's.
That's right.

But, the IMAP spec does not specify the delimiter! That does the 
implementation. When the clients converts a mailbox or hierarchy level named 
'[EMAIL PROTECTED]' from UTF-8 to UTF-7 (as defined in RFC3501) the mailbox or 
hierarchy level is still '[EMAIL PROTECTED]'. Is it possible to configure 
courier imap and specify the delimiter character? I guess not.
What do think is the better way with respect to the IMAP protocol:
1. Define an implementation dependent escape sequence if a user uses the 
delimiter character in a mailbox name or hierarchy level
2. Make the implementation be configurable to set the delimiter.
In my opinion 1 is the better approach because 2 just shifts the problem from 
one character to another.

But I understand what you mean. The use of the escape sequence needs to be 
specified by the IMAP protocol or one of its extension, right?

Best regards,

Oliver Block

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