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Re: [courier-users] "400 Service temporarily unavailable" for a domain in esmtproutes file fjar Uno al día Wed Jun 24 08:01:30 2009

Hello again,
after reading courier documentation, I've tried to disable Backscatter
suppression. Basically added
to my bofh configuration file and commented out
in courierd configuration file and restarted everything.

Unfortunately the "400 Service temporarily unavailable" is still there
for many incoming mails and I can see how courier is updating the
suppression list (I think this is controlled by the files in the
var/track folder).

Please help!

2009/6/24 fjar Uno al día <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Hello all,
> I have a courier installation (0.58.0) with multiple domains. One of these 
> domains I accept mail for, is hosted in a different server, so I have an 
> esmtproutes entry that makes courier act as a gateway for this domain. All 
> main coming from and going to internet for this domain, goes through courier. 
> Courier knows nothing about accounts or mailboxes in this domain.
> The problem I'm facing is courier rejects mails coming for this domain with a 
> "400 Service temporarily unavailable" but I can't find any reason for this. 
> The server esmtproutes is pointing at is up and ready to get mails, in fact 
> it gets the mails, but there's an important delay and number of retries 
> because of the 400 error. Courier seems to accept or reject mails for this 
> domain in a random way.
> The 'courier show all' command doesn't display anything about this domain.
> So I'm a bit lost and any help or clue will be welcome.
> Best regards

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