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[dev] Auth drivers and configurable capabilities, ldap groups hierarchy Lukas Macura Wed May 20 02:00:31 2009

Hi to all,

I am new to this list so I would introduce me and our scenario. We use
Horde on our university long time, more than three years. Most used is
IMP but we would want to convert it from mail client to intranet. In
fact, some users already uses it but we want let all students and
employee uses our system.

First of all, thank you very much for code, it works and we are happy
that we can use it. It would be much more complicated for us to use
standalone mail clients.

But we have to solve some problems now and I want to discuss it here. 

First, I think it would be good to be able to change capabilities od
auth driver. I already posted it as enhancement but it was rejected.
Maybe it is my mistake because I should discuss it here and explain. So
I am doing it now.

Especially in our setup, horde is only intranet application which is
connected to LDAP. NOT MANAGEMENT application to modify/delete users and
group, I know that only administrators can do this actions, but we have
more administrators, which can do some IMP and IMAP manipulations etc
but they do not need to do anything with users. More precisely, we have
to be sure, that there will be no change in LDAP made from Horde.

I think that capabilities could be ANDed with configuration options. 
In LDAP backend, there is something like:

   var $capabilities = array('add'           => true,
                              'update'        => true,
                              'resetpassword' => false,
                              'remove'        => true,
                              'list'          => true,
                              'transparent'   => false);

and it is hardcoded. But if I could change it in config, it will help
us. Because I will be sure that nobody can make change to LDAP tree if I
have in config:

$conf['auth']['params']['capability'] = Array ('list','modify');
Patch is trivial, I can post it but I want to discuss it first here.
Rejected ticket is here:

Next, we need to solve problems with LDAPg groups. In latest version,
there is bug (or feature? ) ;) that we can see groups only from one
context. Not from subcontexts. Problem is in Group/ldap.php where ldap
drivers expects hierarchi al group tree but "forget" that to see parent
groups, we need to interpret ous as groups. I found, that it probably
worked some time ago, but was rollbacked at
Am I right?

I made small patch  for Group/ldap.php which enables to see all LDAP
groups as flat groups without hierarchy when config option 'flat_ldap'
is true. So now we can see all groups from entire LDAP tree and it is
partialy solved. It is trivial patch, I can post it but I would want to
discuss if it is right way to implement LDAP groups or if it will be
hierarchical again.

Thank you!
With regards,
Lukas Macura

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