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Re: [dev] [cvs] commit: horde/docs LICENSES horde/services/csstidy class.csstidy.php class.csstidy_optimise.php class.csstidy_print.php Chuck Hagenbuch Mon Jun 01 02:03:03 2009

Quoting Michael M Slusarz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

It also makes more sense to move the info located on the wiki to a
file (LICENSES?) distributed with the code itself.

I've seen other projects with a directory of licenses, so that we can just toss each file in there.

And from a followup message:

2.) This approach makes the most sense - we (I) just need to remember
to import the entire unchanged file into git first, and then make any
local modifications (if necessary) in a separate commit.  Don't know
if there is a place to document this or if this is something we just
need to self-police.

Sounds like a brief "Use of 3rd party libraries" section should be added to the wiki.


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