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Re: [dev] [cvs] commit: ansel/lib Ansel.php ansel/lib/Widget Geodata.php ansel/scripts/sql ansel.pgsql.sql ansel.sql ansel/scripts/upgrades 2009-06-22_add_geolocation_fields.sql 2009-06-22_move_geolocation_values.php Duck Tue Jun 23 05:00:53 2009

On Monday 22 June 2009 17:53:08 Michael Rubinsky wrote:
> mrubinsk    2009-06-22 11:53:08 EDT
>   Log:
>   Move the geolocation data to the ansel_images table

I still miss:
- option to change geodata manually.
- set geodata for all images inside gallery. As in real life people upload 
galleries per places they ware.
- search by coordinates or better by locations


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