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Re: [dev] [cvs] commit: ansel/lib Ansel.php ansel/lib/WidgetGeodata.php ansel/scripts/sql ansel.pgsql.sql ansel.sqlansel/scripts/upgrades 2009-06-22_add_geolocation_fields.sql2009-06-22_move_geolocation_values.php Michael Rubinsky Tue Jun 23 07:00:46 2009

Quoting Duck <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

On Monday 22 June 2009 17:53:08 Michael Rubinsky wrote:
mrubinsk    2009-06-22 11:53:08 EDT
  Move the geolocation data to the ansel_images table

I still miss:
- option to change geodata manually.

Still coming... options to change both the physical location as well as the ability to change the textual (i.e. reverse geocode) location that Google has choosen. For example, I have pictures from a trip to Disneyland, but Google reports the location as 'Bay Lake, Florida' - I want it to say Disneyland.

- set geodata for all images inside gallery. As in real life people upload
galleries per places they ware.

It's on my list, but I'm trying to figure out a good UI work flow for this. Any input is welcome. I started with displaying existing data since most of my photos are geotagged by my camera, and older photos were geotagged by Aperture plugins.

- search by coordinates or better by locations

This is also coming, but will probably wait until a more generic search API is implemented in Ansel. Users will be able to search by textual locations and we will search both the locally cached reverse geocode data and Google's GClientGeocoder.


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