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Re: [Developers] Planned metadata-handling changes - advance warning Greg Klanderman Thu Jun 25 19:00:23 2009

>>>>> Triode  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I'd like to be able to track API versions better with plugin versioning.  To 
> support this I intend to include the svn revision in the version comparions 
> so it would be possible to create a new plugin version for a certain svn 
> version onwards.

It'd be a lot easier if you add a feature keyword somewhere for each
API change that needs to be coded against, so then plugin code can
just ask "does feature 'foobar' exist?" and do the right thing.  For
svn version numbers to be useful, you need to also know the branch as
you point out, and it becomes a mess coding against random sets of
branch/revision pairs that have no semantic meaning, and just doesn't
handle private branches the plugin author doesn't know about.

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