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[dishmod] Re: Dish Offer vs Court Order William Green Fri Jun 19 08:00:58 2009

Don't be too quick to sing Dish's praises. I too had a good deal with them 
until my contract expired but since then, they have jacked my monthly payment 
periodically in a seemingly whimsical manner. I am paying $20 more a month now 
than I was six months ago for the same programming package. Why??? But I will 
pay the price as long as I can transfer my recordings. If they ever begin 
encrypting everything, then I will have to consider all the other options which 
may not be any more attractive. Let's face it, for those of us in the boonies 
with no land-line TV available, we are hostages to whatever the satellite 
providers choose to charge us. 

Within the next year, I plan to move to an urban area to greatly increase my 
options. With the advent of fiber optics to the home, the time is coming when 
there will be fierce competition among the various communications services for 
our business and prices will almost certainly fall sharply for all-in-one 
packages of phone/internet/TV service. The satellite providers need to become 
pretty creative to compete when their service is inherently far inferior to 
land-based services. 

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> > the encryption is already happening. cheapest way for dish is to say 
> > sorry so sad you bought your 5xx reciver but it cant be used any longer. 
> > heres a vip and you will have to sign up for a 2 year commitment or pay 
> > more money uncommited for a pvr. either way the end users are hosed. dtv 
> > is cheaper and has better packages though.
> >
> I have had both DirecTV and DISH in the past five years. I left DirecTV 
> because they kept increasing prices EVERY YEAR, even during the 
> contract/commitment period. I'm with DISH now. DISH committed to a fixed 
> price for the entire contract period and actually lowered the price during 
> that time. Even AFTER the promotional prices expire, DISH prices are still 
> marginally LOWER than DirecTV. 
> If you're looking for programming, DISH offers a much BROADER selection of 
> programming over DirecTV. The DirecTV "claim to fame" is emphasis on SPORTS, 
> which is only a SMALL part of the programming lineup but a BIG part of the 
> programming cost.
> Of course, that's just my opinion. I could be wrong.