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[dom4j-user] Adding XPath support via JAXP Joel Rosi-Schwartz Mon Oct 13 01:03:20 2008


First apologies for spamming both lists, but I noticed that the dev  
list is not used a great deal.

I am representing the Eclipse Foundation (EF) in an effort to use  
dom4j in its full glory within EF projects. The EF is very careful  
about the IP pedigree of all third party libraries used in EF  
projects. There is no problem with dom4j itself and in fact it has  
been approved for reuse for sometime now. The problem is with the  
XPath support dependency on Jaxen. The EF has tried several times to  
communicate with the Jaxen team to confirm some IP related issues, but  
have failed to receive a reply.

I have therefore decide that the way forward is to attempt to add JAXP  
support for the XPath functionality. Would the Dom4J team be willing  
to co-operate with us in accomplishing this? I do not think it is a  
matter of replacing Jaxen, but rather to add another means of  
supporting XPath. A test can then be performed at runtime to determine  
if Jaxen is available and if not use JAXP if it is.

We would very much appreciate any assistance you folks could give us  
in this matter.

All the best,

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