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[Efw-user] Indicate MAC address to filter system access jeffrey steve borbon sanabria Mon Jun 01 14:01:02 2009


Congratulations for new Endian Firewall release, the upgrade script was
simply amazing :)

Since like 8 months ago I'm using Endian, but I've troubles to indicate
access per mac address to web based console.

I have try to do it using : - and also with no spaces  but alway I
always get:

"Dirección IP de origen, inválida "00:1E:C9:08:EE:46""  
translation: "invalid IP address"

Any idea

Ing. Jeffrey Steve Borbón Sanabria
Administrador de sistemas
Ferretería Nurueña
Telefono: 3607899 ext 207
Celular: 320 3489575 

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