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Re: [Efw-user] Strange HTTP Proxy issue both 2.2rc2 and 2.2 28 May 09 release compdoc Thu Jun 04 19:00:33 2009

Today I had a windows 2000/IE6 client having problems
opening their home page. 

Their http proxy is set to run as transparent. I decided to
try changing the client's IE to use the proxy server by
entering its IP and using port 8080, and to bypass the proxy
for local addresses, and her home page came right up.

In the past on my own efw, I've had odd things happen - like
a flash window within a page not being able to load. The
rest of the page would load, but not one small section of
it. I turned off transparent, and used 'no authentication",
and set IE to use my efw directly. (Tools>Internet
Options>Connection tab>Lan settings button)

You might also run top to see if some process is using too
much cpu time...

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