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Re: [e-users] [E-devel] moving E modules to OLD/BROKEN Viktor Kojouharov Wed Jun 17 15:00:54 2009

On Wed, 2009-06-17 at 15:27 -0300, Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri wrote:
> Hi people,
> Just like we did for regular libraries and applications, we'll do it
> for E-MOULES-EXTRA. I see lots of complaints[1] of e stability and
> most are related to these modules, most of them unsupported. Please
> discuss which should stay and feel free to point more to be moved. If
> you have a module you're working on and think it should not be moved
> and it's "ready", consider taking the actions to move it to
> e/src/modules as we did with mixer and systray.
> As I don't use many extra modules, I'll let you users and developers
> to step and say which is doing bad and good. If you let the it
> undecided I'll move ALL but a few like (keep/white list):
>  * efm_* (should move to e/src/modules one day)
>  * drawer (under dev)
>  * flame/rain/snow/penguins (harmless)
>  * notification (I plan to move to e/src/modules)
>  * places (dave should move to e/src/modules)
> I'm not sure about system monitors (cpu, diskio, execwatch, ...),
> network modules (weather, forecasts, mail, ..),
> screenshot/photo/slideshow and others, so please say if you use them,
> if they work, if you maintain it, if you're willing to maintain it,
> etc.
> For those with replicas, please consider merging them or dropping one.
> Regards,

One more thing. Calendar is doing just fine for what it's supposed to
do. I wouldn't move it.
> [1] http://trac.enlightenment.org/e/wiki/E17BinaryPackages/sda_notes

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