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Re: [fedora-java] Removing Eclipse Fedora branding for F-12 Mat Booth Tue May 12 14:00:44 2009

2009/5/12 Christoph Höger :
> Am Dienstag, den 12.05.2009, 15:22 -0400 schrieb Andrew Overholt:
>> Hi,
>> I think the time has come to remove the Fedora branding in our Eclipse
>> SDK packages.  We originally did it for a few reasons (gcj wasn't
>> supported by upstream and we were relying on it, we were patching a few
>> places, etc.) but those are mostly gone now.
>> If I don't hear any reasons that people think we should keep it, I'm
>> going to remove it in the devel branch by the end of the week, 15 May.
>> Thanks,
>> Andrew
> Are you doing that for rawhide only? I would suggest keeping f11 as it
> is.

No, he's suggesting it for the devel branch, which is now F12.

The less to maintain, the better. Go for it.

Mat Booth

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