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Re: Viewing contents of initrd Neal Becker Fri Aug 11 22:17:57 2006

John Wendel wrote:

> Ian Pilcher wrote:
>> Brian D. McGrew wrote:
>>>Is there anyway to look at what's been conglomerated into initrd???
>> It's a gzipped filesystem image, so your first step is to use gunzip to
>> uncompress it.  gunzip may balk at processing it, because the file name
>> doesn't end in .gz, but you can work around this by using cat and piping
>> the output to gunzip.
>> Once you've done this, just loopback mount it (mount -o loop,ro ...).
>> You'll have to be root to do this, of course.
>> HTH
> After unzipping, you can also use "cpio -i < filename" to extract the
> individual directories and files.

star -t -z -v -f filename.  Don't bother gunzipping.

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